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Our Speech Improvement Now program

Provides you with all the necessary skills to be more clearly understood. You will be guided to recognize the different sounds, stress & intonation patterns and rhythms of Standard American English (identifiably American, without accent or regional dialect distractions). Correct usage of vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure and even clinical issues (when applicable) such as fluency will be included in your individualized program. We will work together to better understand and address whatever speech concerns you have to achieve your career, educational and social goals. Providing accent/regional dialect reduction training requires personal and cultural sensitivity. It is important to respectfully understand how diversity can affect speech patterns and delivery.

Our Program Can Be Customized

We Meet Your Goals and Budget Requirements

• Whether you are a vice president of a large corporation or a single mom who wants a better career, we want to help you speak confidently with clear understandable speech.
• We encourage anyone interested in our comprehensive program for improving communication skills for career and social enhancement to contact us about cost. Our goal is to tailor a program for you that will allow you to invest in your future wisely. A basic program begins at $49.50 per month (materials not included). An executive/professional, all inclusive intensive program costs $99.00 per session(Skype). At our location the cost is $99.00 per session. Sharpen your communication skills immediately at a pace and cost that is within your budget.


Instruction will always be provided by a certified accent/dialect reduction specialist who is also a licensed speech and language pathologist. We have expertise in:
• Improving the verbal business communication skills of our clients
• American English pronunciation.
• Understanding the communication needs of educational and medical settings
• Speech/voice improvement and phonetics
• Language development, articulation and oral-motor therapy, speech production

Services Overview Accent Modification

To reach your career potential, you need to have satisfactory verbal communication skills. Regardless of your original language, you can significantly modify your accent.

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