Speech Improvement Now Software – For Slavic Language Speakers


Speech Improvement Now Software – For Slavic Language Speakers


Better English Pronunciation will positively change your Life:

  • You will acquire the rhythm and feel of American speech
  • Get the confidence, job, promotion you dreamed about and deserve
  • We show you how to effectively pronounce English in a way not taught in English or ESL classes
  • We offer a 100% Full Guarantee (see Terms of Service)

Important note: at this time our software is programed to work only on Windows Desktop & Laptop Products. If you are using an Apple Computer or Device, please contact us 

Order and invest in yourself today! We stand by our products: Receive a full refund if you are not satisfied. Please refer to Terms of Service. 

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Learn to speak clear American English from a Speech and Language Pathologist specializing in accent reduction – 24/7 – and at your own pace! Our software focuses specifically on your Slavic language needs with 15 interactive and comprehensive lessons that get you results.

Take the step of purchasing the software and change your life.

Our interactive software program is a downloadable program allows you to go at your own pace and repeat lessons as needed. The software lessons duplicate what Ela Britchkow, a leader in the Speech Therapy field with over 30 years of experience, does in her individual English pronunciation/English language proficiency lessons.


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Full refund if not satisfied.
Please refer to
Terms of Service


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