How Long Does it Take to reduce or eliminate an Accent?

How Long Does it Take to reduce or eliminate an Accent?
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How Long Does it Take to reduce or eliminate an Accent?

by Ela Britchkow, Speech-Language Pathologist

There is no simple answer to this question because it’s very individual and depends on several factors.

  • It depends on how diligently you do the practice and follow up assignments. Forming new habits takes motivation, focus, time, and dedication. Old habits are hard to change, but he more you practice, the more you’ll improve. You simply must practice a sound or pattern over and over for it to become habitual. Daily practice will help your mouth and tongue develop the new ‘muscle memory’ that they need for you to articulate American English sounds correctly.
  • It depends on how good your listening skills are. In order to reduce your accent, you must be able to hear the difference between the sounds and patterns of your native language and the sounds and patterns of American English acheter du viagra sur. My Accent Modification software program with its built -in recording, lets you hear your speech and compare it to the speech samples on the program. This helps you sharpen your listening skills to improve your speech.
  • It depends on your enthusiasm. It helps if you are very enthusiastic about learning the differences in your second language and enjoy the process of learning. You need to practice every with American speakers in order to expose yourself to the rhythm and sounds of the language. In my program, I give you many ideas of how to integrate what you’ve learned into your real life.


The internet is full of programs that claim to teach you to lose your accent and speak like an American. Reducing an accent is not easy. However, with the correct instruction and feedback, you can speak English with increased clarity and fluency. The more you practice, the faster your new skills will become more habitual.


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