What are the benefits of reducing my accent?

What are the benefits of reducing my accent?

What are the benefits of reducing my accent?

by Ela Britchkow, speech-language pathologist
Many careers require a person to communicate with others, either as a manager in a one-to-one situation or as a speaker in front of a group. Being able to communicate effectively is a required skill for these jobs, and part of being effective is being understood. You can have an accent, but you have to be understood easily.
You will avoid the unfortunate stereotypes which often accompany those who aren’t native English speakers. Critics may label someone with a strong accent as an outsider or less intelligent even if the assumption isn’t true. Being stereotyped can prevent the person from getting hired for certain jobs. While this may not be an accurate assessment of the person’s capabilities, it is what others perceive and it can limit your opportunities.

  • You will Improve your American English Pronunciation
  • Your Communication Confidence will increase.
  • You will increase your opportunities for Career Advancement
  • You will Reduce Miscommunications
  • You will Improve Professional Relationships
  • You will Enhance Public Speaking Skills
  • You will obtain Better Presentation Skills
  • You will not need to repeat yourself frequently.
  • You will enhance your Professional Image.
  • You will Improve your Telephone Speaking Abilities

As companies expand globally, they will work with people in various parts of the world. Reducing one’s accent can make it easier to be understood regardless of where they are from. These meetings may be conducted over the phone or online, which can make understanding someone even more difficult.
Speech Improvement Now accent reduction software (available for Slavic Language Speakers) can help you achieve all the above benefits.


By Ela Britchkow, Speech and Language Pathologist
©2016 Ela Britchkow

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