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Why Americans Find Slavic Accents Harder to Understand

Why Americans Find Slavic Accents Harder to Understand

A Slavic accent is beautiful, melodious and easy on the ear. It is a part of your positive identity, who you are. At times, Slavic speakers encounter difficulty not being understood the first time. When speaking, they may notice difficulty in maintaining the attention of native speakers of English at school, work, and socially. In the past, I experienced this first hand myself. I immigrated to the United States with no prior English speaking experience and it caused me distress. On the positive side, having had a noticeable foreign accent in the past allows me now, as a speech therapist specializing in Slavic accent reduction, to be more compassionate, understanding and effective professionally. I teach Slavic speakers to confidently and clearly pronounce English with an American accent. Learning an American accent will not interfere with your Slavic accent. It empowers you to have the option of speaking with an American

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