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Slavic Language Speakers-Mastering Clear English

Slavic Language Speakers-Mastering Clear English

Speed Matters: Speaking rate is an important part of speaking effectively.  Slowing down your speaking rate helps give you time to pronounce sounds more clearly. If you are doing oral reading, stop and take a breath at the end of a sentence and wherever there is a comma. If you are presenting or having a conversation, stop at the end of a thought group or after 4-5 words and take a new breath before you continue. If you think you need to rush through what you have to say because you have a great deal of information to share, you are fooling yourself. People will not be able to understand you. When you pair an accent with a rapid rate of speech, the combination, although not deadly, can be detrimental. People frequently will not interrupt a presenter to say they didn’t understand because they are too polite. Studies have shown

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